jeudi 12 février 2015

Pour & pour

Today's pour 

The cover filter and his holder, nice pour and good looking, tomorrow will be time to drill and add bolts & nuts will see...!

The "cornet" holder
Nice pour and very nice fits

lundi 2 février 2015


Waiting for my fucking petrobond sand,
Shipping compagny sucks...!

Received my sand today, it´s time to pour again ...!

Sent order...!

Buckle belts and point covers sent to a shop in south of france. 

dimanche 1 février 2015


Royal speed equipment's dedicated to traditional hot rod, bikes, kustom, bicycles, vintage clothing, antiques...
the royal speed equipment was created in january 2015, will design new aluminum sand casting parts, for traditional bikes and hot rods, create new t-shirts, and different fashion items...
All items are FOR SALE, DEALERS INQUIRIES, send me an email at!